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I Wish Marvin Gaye's Father Had Shot Me Instead (2009)


The Music Man's Manic Muse (2014)

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Otto Reverse


i like apples

Otto Reverse--keyboards/vocals/percussion/guitar, The Bird Mad Girl--synthesizer on track 4



Completed Albums

I Wish Marvin Gaye's Father Had Shot Me Instead(2009)


Jive Ho   Download
Pabst Smear   Download
In My Head I'm Thin, In My Ass I'm Fat   Download
Splem Jeague #26   Download
gOd Bless AMericA   (preferred)   Download
The Hot Club of Rindge   Download
Lord Jean Schmo   Download
10th Anniversary Freak-Out   Download
Chair Throb   Download
ATM Challenge   Download

The Music Man's Manic Muse(2014)

Classy Lotta Atom   Download
Nikigri   Download
We're Gettin' Our Deliveries Tomorrow Morning   Download
The Morning of the Second Day   Download
That Motherfucker Was a Haberdasher   Download
Prog Stone   Download
Aceit Coo E Qua Aerie   Download
Connips   Download
Pamblo   (preferred)   Download
I Hope Abby Sunderland Dies Out There   Download
The Rising of the Seerbeest   Download
Shawna Pallet Is a Right Cunt   Download
Dundee Denial   Download
I'm Gonna Kill the Hot Bible   Download
Urine-Deep Shit   Download
A Quinn Martin Production   Download
Bacon Flames Fire Cock Ass Pain Americaville   Download
Massengill Nibber   Download
You Gotta Hinchey Up Your Motor Skills   Download
Me and Erin and Taylor and Emily   Download
Krist Novoselic Was the Real Leader of the Group   Download
The Sweet Life of Zach   Download